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Covid 19

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The COVID-19 pandemic is a phenomenon that has challenged socio-political and economic systems in general, and the health sector, in particular.

The pandemic is having tremendous effects on global health and poses an extraordinary challenge to the adaptive capacity of health organizations.

The initial uncertainty regarding the best diagnostic methods, adequate protection measures, possible treatments, and the lack of vaccines, made the Keralty Group consider the best formulas to positively impact the largest number of people with the greatest possible effectiveness, improving the levels of protection and safety, reducing morbidity and mortality, while at the same time avoiding the collapse of our health infrastructure.

The alignment of the organization from a single governance model, the attitude of innovation and resilience with the appropriate focus on health determinants, the complementarity nature of our health solutions, the social measures, and the reinforcement of community support activities have allowed us to face and effectively manage this extreme challenge.

Facing the pandemic Keralty has completed Numbers
Teleconsultations with 2,267 professionals 2,186,007
Home care 379,952
Support program for COVID patients at home 48,510
Calls answered by the call center 17,217,752
Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs) units 14,472,977 
COVID-19 lab tests 1,612,599 
  2019 2020 Var.
ICU beds (Colombia) 74 335 353%
Hospital beds (Colombia) 909 1,111 22%
Employees (Keralty countries) 18,782 22,266 19%