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Social care

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Versania’s purpose is to “accompany” and care for people who trust us with their well-being throughout their lives.

Our mission is to offer a social model of health dedicated to caring for and supporting people with frailty and dependency needs throughout their lives. We have a group of high-performing specialized companies known for achieving greater health and well-being outcomes for the individuals, families and communities we serve.

Social care is approached from different levels:

• Personal: “I recognize you as a person beyond your illness”

• Supportive: “We not only ‘accompany’ or support you, but also provide you with tools for self-empowerment”

• Communal: “We identify who can support and accompany you in this process”

Versania is the essential complement of Keralty from a health point of view, responding to the basic social needs not typically addressed by health systems. These social needs highly impact medical costs due to the increase in loneliness, dependence and fragility.

We want people with dependencies to be ADVOCATES of their well-being, while living with the PIECE OF MIND of being cared for

Versania aims to achieve social integration and develop social fabric through its strategic lines: