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A health services management model centered on our member’s health and well-being through a modern, large and complete provider network of expert professionals, committed to offering comprehensive services with high-quality and technological standards.
Our service delivery model, with highly qualified personnel, advanced technology, and modern facilities, has allowed us to achieve the highest levels of patient satisfaction and international recognition.
Our mission is to offer a social model of health dedicated to caring for and supporting people with frailty and dependency needs throughout their lives. We have a group of high-performing specialized companies known for achieving greater health and well-being outcomes for the individuals, families and communities we serve.
Unisanitas is a non-profit foundation with university autonomy in compliance with the requirements of the Colombian Ministry of Education, with a focus on the health sector and the disciplines that converge within it. We fulfill our mission of training and educating undergraduate and graduate degrees, investigating basic and applied sciences and relating to the social and professional environment that influences it.
The Keralty Foundation Center promotes caring communities, developing its mission of implementing community care network strategies in the different areas where we work.

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