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Our program offers continue to grow on a daily basis, accompanying every stage of life, making motherhood an unforgettable experience, supporting families in the upbringing and care of children, encouraging self-care and healthy habits from youth, screening and identifying potential risks in adulthood, in order to achieve active and healthy aging.

Listado Programas

Safe Maternity Program

Preparing for the most beautiful meeting: the mom and her child

This program supports the caring of the family and the health team, oriented to the correct development of the pregnancy, and to the protection of the health of the mother-child binomial. With intervention strategies and the attention of the needs in every case, it is possible to identify alarm and risk signs in the pregnancy that allow a safe care of the birth and provide education mechanisms and formation in childcare.

Child and Adolescent Health Program

Taking care of the health of the future

We accompany the families in the caring of children, their growth and transformation into adolescents. Our program is centered around strengthening their self care, identifying risk factors and giving them specialized attention to problems with children development. In the case of adolescents, we aim to give support for a better understanding of the psychosocial, physiological and emotional changes they get through.

Multimorbidity Program: Chronic Diseases.

We are with you in every moment of your life

This program is formed by an interdisciplinary team, specialized in the formation of a culture of knowledge around the chronic diseases. This allows patients and their families to empower themselves with their care and to know the routes of attention and the network of specialists and institutions compromised with their health.

Cancer Program

Because there is always a second chance

Keralty fosters the implementation of programs for the integral control of cancer, that aim to encourage healthy lifestyles, with the realisation of proofs and education inside the communities that allow the knowledge about the disease and the early detection of cancer. The program has created a powerful network of institutions and professionals with an holistic approach to cancer.

Palliative Care Program: Contigo

Our greater privilege is to take care of you when you need it the most

The program Contigo is based on the method Newpalex that exalts the dignity of persons, the compassion and the understanding of human suffering. By supporting families and caretakers and holding the efficiency of the services looking for the integral care of the patient, we understand his disease, control his symptoms and the consequent complications.

Program of Mental Health: Kalma

Our responsibility is to minimize the unfair social stigma and stand out people's dignity

Kalma contemplates the actions to promote and establish mental health through specific programs for any given problem that affects the well-being. With an integral assessment and a personalized plan we aim to integrate communitary, social and sanitary components, with complete programs for the help of the families and hospital services for the treatment in every case.

Program for the Attention and Care of the Elderly.

With all our respect and our best care

Keralty's program for the elderly, promotes the autonomy, the functionality and all the social participation that a person requires, integrating an ecosystem of solutions and services for the patients and their families, offering social and sanitary services according to the intensity of attention and care that the person requires at any given moment.

International Patients

Because health can't have frontiers

For more than 10 years now, the International Office of Keralty has structured a program tailor-made for the needs of each of our patients. We stand out because of our specialized human resource, the knowledge, the warmth and the quality of our service.

Clinical laboratory


We have highly qualified professionals, cutting-edge technology in routine and specialized tests in fields as varied as genomics, cytogenetics, pathology, endocrinology, infectious, chemistry, hematology, coagulation, toxicology, microscopy, and transfusion medicine. We offer total automation, data analysis that generates value and disease management. We have locations in Colombia’s main cities, making it the best option for accuracy, human quality and timeliness.