Titulo Aseguramiento


Medicina Prepagada

Prepaid Medicine

A health services management model centered on our member’s health and well-being through a modern, large and complete provider network of expert professionals, committed to offering comprehensive services with high-quality and technological standards.

• We provide unlimited health coverage services without age limits, covering medical appointments to the most specialized surgeries.

• We facilitate direct access to a robust network of specialists, including our own specialized clinics and medical centers, with better access to appointments.

• We focus on health and not on the disease, promoting care and humanized preventive, curative and/or rehabilitative care, in both outpatient and inpatient settings.

Characteristics of KeraltyPrepaid Medicine:

The services cover from the prevention and medical consultations to the most specialized surgery, without the user having to acquire additional expenses.

Keralty assumes the cost of the medical services covered and provided by the associated professional or institution, eliminating the economic relation of doctor-patient and institution.

The user accesses the service directly and in an unlimited manner.

Aseguramiento Básico y Público Privado

Basic and Public - Private Insurance

A comprehensive health model aimed at large populations, based on our primary care strategy, centered on the person and integrated to other levels of the health system.

Being a standardized, efficient and decisive healthcare model.

Identifying and managing the healthcare risk of each one of the users with the support of health promotion, disease prevention and educational activities.

Having agile and low-cost access to the first level of healthcare with defined coverage.

Having a comprehensive medical center network that resolves healthcare needs and is coordinated with the Health System and other attention levels, pursuing the total efficiency of the system.

Through EPS Sanitas, Keralty provides comprehensive coverage to Colombian workers and their families with a model that organizes and guarantees the provision of health services that are defined in the basket of benefits, and that is recognized as the broadest in the region.

This model, which is based on programs of Primary Healthcare integrated into a broad and committed network of clinics and hospitals, has led EPS Sanitas to be recognized as the Health Service Provider with the best reputation in Colombia.

Aseguramiento en Salud Zonas aisladas y dispersas

Insurance Isolated and rural areas

Modeled for disadvantaged populations, especially those isolated or in remote areas (e.g., geographical, catastrophes, political conflicts) and with legitimate access limitations to the health system.

• We focus on the territory and the population assigned to facilitate the development of specific long-term health frameworks.

• We complete an ad-hoc analysis of the population's health risk, managing health based on outcomes and assigning a portfolio of care and services that meets the essential needs and concerns of the population.

• We utilize our primary care model as the basis for health interventions and delivery of care services through networks of medical centers. The model is strengthened with the support of the Keralty Foundation and Keralty University through the identification and training of leaders as wellness managers to support the early identification of health needs and risks and to connect with community and social assets in the area.

• We enable the integration and coordination with other required levels of care.