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Global Institute of Clinical Excellence

The GICE is a unit that seeks the health and well-being of the people who trust their care to Keralty’s companies, as well as to its collaborators and multidisciplinary care teams. By putting knowledge, science, and clinical evidence at the center of care decision-making, it seeks to contribute to the development of an integrated health model from a scientific knowledge, research, and innovation point of view. This integrated and salutogenic health model is centered on the person and compassionate through models and programs with a health and socio-community approach.

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High-quality healthcare services

Technology with a purpose
We believe that technology brings value to health. That’s why we incorporate the latest technological advances with proven results, including the development of prototypes, in collaboration with the University, international research teams and the New Technologies Assessment team, which is part of the Keralty Institute of Clinical Excellence.

Getting closer to people: Telehealth (virtual medical care)
We connect people, families, communities and health teams, located in remote areas, with specialized health teams. Through tools such as telemedicine, tele-radiology, tele-monitoring, tele-education, and tele-rehabilitation, we facilitate timely and high quality diagnosis and treatment, based on the best medical evidence.

Value in health - Observatory and evaluation: Four goals
The Observatory develops methodologies and models that allow us to analyze and understand the impact of actions based on the quadruple goal: health outcomes, customer experience, health professionals’ involvement and satisfaction, and optimal cost. All of this to achieve the greatest health value and the highest efficiency of our interventions.

High-Quality Services Agency
We have developed a Quality Agency to establish, standardize and evaluate compliance with the best infrastructure and operations standards at a global level, both in our own and affiliated networks.