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Sanitas was founded in 2009 to invigorate and innovate the health system in Peru by replicating Keralty's successful and comprehensive care model.

Our services encompass all health needs from preventive, recovery and rehabilitation, to management of chronic illnesses under a costefficient model with principles of universal health care. We offer a wide array of health plans for individuals, families and groups as well as Supplementary Insurance for Risks at Work (SCTR ¿ for its Spanish acronym).

SCTR provides medical coverage for work-related accidents and professional-related illnesses to employees and workers who are considered at high risk under Peruvian regulations.

Sanitas en Perú is responsible for the commercialization and administration of health care services, including preventive, hygiene, safety and environmental management. Its objective is to foster a culture of prevention, safety and health at work, providing specialized services to manage work-related risks, and prevention of accidents and occupational illnesses.

Investments in health: its corporate purpose is the promotion and investment in health-related companies whose main activity is directly or indirectly related to delivering medical, hospital or paramedic services¿particularly in consulting during the construction, operation and management of hospitals, diagnostic centers and other public or private premises.