The Sanitas University Foundation delivers services in perfect alignment with the vision and strategy of the group, which constitutes our pillar of knowledge management, as it is a state-of-the-art observatory of health systems, models and practices, and provides continuous training for our professionals.

The foundation provides academic excellence on research, training, teaching and with social extension and impact, with undergraduate academic programs in medicine, nursing and psychology and 18 specialization programs in these fields. Teaching is anchored in the didactic system of Problem-Based Learning (PBL), which is based on the resolution of problems where students build their knowledge throughful real cases.






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We train professionals with solid bases of scientific, social, ethical and humane knowledge, which involves the development of basic, generic and specific skills in order to undertake professions or specialties.




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We design strategies and tools that allow development of a critical attitude and creative ability to find alternatives for the generation, appropriation and transfer of knowledge, and the advancement of science and technology. Ultimately, this is a strategy to respond to the solution of specific problems.


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Our goal is to generate thoughts and real contact between the university and its environment, establishing mechanisms for mutual learning with internal and external communities, the State and the business sector that influence social transformation. Courses, congresses, training, projects or counseling can be developed within this function.


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