Since its foundation in 2009, Sanitas has accompanied its users during each stage of their lives. As part of our commitment to the well-being of people, the private model of comprehensive medical assistance of the Keralty group is being developed in Peru, which is focused on prevention and the health care of its users.

The product portfolio is designed to enable the Peruvian population to access health services with comprehensive and personalized care, high-quality standards, and the use of technology.

Regarding health, the Company offers Health Service Entity and Potential plans, which provide the necessary support to companies and independent individuals who seek to take care of their health and that of their families, being differentiated by the structure of the plans, coverage and prevention programs that allow members to count on benefits that are unique in the market.

In relation to the SCTR Health insurance (Complementary Risk Work Health Insurance), the Company is responsible for preventing and providing medical care to workers who undertake activities considered high- risk by the law.

Sanitas has a team of specialized collaborators nationwide dedicated to helping people make the best health decisions.



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