About Keralty

We are the parent company of group of subsidiary companies that develop a Comprehensive Health Model with the purpose of improving overall health and well-being.
 We are committed to maintaining the health and independence of our users. For this reason, we focus on the prevention, identification and management of health risks, as well as on the control and care of illnesses and dependence.
 We are leaders in comprehensive healthcare, being recognized for our humane, scientific, technical and ethical approach.







Integrated Care Model

Keralty understands that people belong to their communities and develop their daily life in the contexts of family, friends, neighbors and society. This where there are resources and capacities that generate health and is why we support the development of such Health Assets, thereby empowering people and their communities in relation to their health and well-being. This is how the Keralty Care Model transcends singular medical focus to integrally resolve the biologic, psychological and social needs of the people and develop capacities in families and communities.

We accompany in each one the stages of life, from conception to the elderly, through the promotion of healthy habits and the strengthening of self-care, the prevention of illnesses, their timely treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care.

Keralty maintains a predictive, personalized and preventive vision, and offers participative and permanent attention to take care of the people who entrust their health to us.


Transcend as the entity in which people trust to improve their health and wellness, taking care of them throughout their entire lives.


To offer a comprehensive, medical, social and community health model through an integrated ecosystem of companies, health insurance products, high-quality medical and social services, that provides the highest value in health and well-being, guaranteeing coordinated care that is truly compassionate, effective, excellent, and equitable.

Medical attention


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Medical attention needs

We provide medical care to promote health, prevent, cure, rehabilitate and take care of illnesses.

Community support


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Community support network

We involve and empower families, friends and neighbors around the people with illnesses and dependence that can contribute with personal non-professional care and company for those who need it.


attention needs

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Social attention needs

We provide social care to promote personal autonomy and prevent, compensate and take care of the dependent needs of the people who require help to carry out their personal and instrumental life activities.