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"Predictive risk model for cardiac surgery in Colombian population using artificial intelligence"

Icono Autor Editorial keralty |  icono fecha 10 October 2018


The Work "Predictive risk model for cardiac surgery in Colombian population using artificial intelligence" presented by Dr. Javier Dario Maldonado, Raul Santiago Molina, Francisco Mauricio Rincon, Maria Alejandra Molina and Camilo Rodriguez, was chosen as the winner of the Nineteenth edition of the International Prize for research in health Sciences "Juan Jacobo Muñoz - Colsanitas", which annually brings together health professionals from all Keralty companies in the world to present their scientific research.

The group of Bogotá, composed of cardiovascular surgeons, cardiologists and professionals in biomedical engineering who developed this work sought to establish what is the most effective model for risk prediction specifically in Colombian patients, considering that so far in our country uses models tested with European and North American population models that have different characteristics.

Honorable mention to second place was given to the work "Activating the terminal complement pathway in Preeclampsia (COPA), a multicenter study", paper presented by Dr. Catherine Maria Valencia González, Richard Burwick, Jorge Hernan Gutierrez Marin, Jesus Arnulfo Velasquez Penagos, Francisco Edna-Estrada, Luis Silva Jaime Herrera, Johana Vargas Celina Rodriguez, Monica Rincon, Jorge Enrique Ardila Tolosa, Johanna Sandra Echeverry Coral, Yamile Inés Bernal.

Honorable mention to the third place was awarded to work Structural features of the retina in children with amblyopia, as measured by optical coherence tomography (OCT), performed by medical ophthalmologists Martha Beatriz Montenegro, Ingrid Katherine Lugo Boton, Tatiana Ivone Ortiz Montero and Viviana Andrea Laverde Durán.

Grupo de segundo lugar Premio J.J. Muñoz


Grupo de tercer lugar Premio J.J. Muñoz


At the same ceremony it was held  Keralty Innovation Awards event which recognizes the best proposals submitted by partners from different areas and companies in the  Keralty business group in Colombia (Colsanitas, EPS Sanitas Clinic Colsanitas Foundation Sanitas university) and the recognition of Excellence Award finalists  for Research Groups, which elected the nine groups of Formal Clinical Research Colsanitas and Sanitas university Foundation recognized before Colciencias that performed better in their research activity.

At the Keralty Innovation Awards, the winning proposal was entitled "Monitoring and Alerts" presented by collaborators Carlos Andres Acevedo, Ana Maria Castillo Andrea Castro Andrea Fique and Daniel Sandoval.

As finalists were also selected  the proposals "Web Check In Clinical Laboratory" presented by collaborators Ivannia Rondón Osorio, Alejandro Salazar Castiblanco, Betty Lucia Salcedo, Xiomara Silva Angie Mora and Rojas Jaimes Clara Inés; Asynchronous Telemedicine, presented by Martha Hedyd Chingate Canyon, Cristian David Quiroga, Luis Eduardo Nieto, Enrique Rojas Oswal Sanabria; Off spin Regenerative Medicine, presented by Lady Espinosa, Francisco Reyes, Hector Mauricio Rodriguez; Schools and healthy lifestyles, presented by collaborators Raul Alvarado Bustos, Sergio Andres Gaviria and Andrea Milena Zamora Sánchez Guerrero.

Grupo de Finalistas Premios Innovacion Keralty


The award winning group receives  a 40 million pesos budget to finance the proposal. However, given the high quality of the finalists, the organization surprised the audience with the decision to also finance the other four projects that reached this instance.

Also the day was the stage for  closing of the First Stage of Excellence Award Research Groups Clinical Colsanitas and Fundación Universitaria Sanitas, which consists of the recognition of the six research groups that performed better on their activities to the present.

The groups that were chosen  were: Translational Group, led by Dr. Nancy Yomayusa; INPAC group (Clinical Pathology Research), led by Dr. Catherine Alvarado; Health Care Group at the individual, family and social context, led by Dr. Jorge Martinez; Children's Health Group: led by Dr. Johana Bolaños; Health group Sanitas woman, led by Dr. Joaquin Moon; and the evaluation of health technologies and policies Group, led by Dr. Hernando Gaitan.

From this time, each of these groups may submit a research protocol. The best of these research projects will be chosen in March 2019 to receive a 40 million pesos funding.