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MetroSanitas Met Live, the first clinic of ambulatory surgery built together with Metro Pacific and Keralty in Philippines

MetroSanitas Met Live has become the first clinic of ambulatory surgery developed together with the Philippine company Metro Pacific Hospitals Holding (MPHHI) and the international group specialized in health Keralty (formerly Sanitas International Organization)

Presentation Act of the clinic MetroSanitas Met Live held in Pasay (Philippines)
Icono Autor Keralty |  icono fecha 14 June 2018

Presentation Act of the clinic MetroSanitas Met Live held in Pasay (Philippines)*

Located in the city of Pasay (third stage of the Commercial Centre Met Live), the new medical centre constitutes the biggest clinic of ambulatory surgery of the zone thanks to its surface of 1200 m2. Equipped with the latest technology, the centre will offer not only attention in general medicine, but also an ample variety of specialties (ambulatory surgery, clinical laboratory, programs of preventive medicine etc) with capacity to attend to more than 80% of the needs of attention to families.

The presentation of the new Met Live clinic took place last 24th of May. Likewise, the event marked the public presentation of the project of Metro Sanitas Corporation: the establishing in Philippines of a network of clinics oriented towards offering integral attention and high quality in health. During the event, Augusto Palisoc Jr, chairman of Metro Sanitas Corporation and CEO of Metro Pacific Hospitals Holding (MPHHI), explained why they chose Keralty as a partner. In the same direction, the president of Metro Sanitas Corporation and global CEO of Keralty, Sergio Martínez, underlined the fact that currently both companies "share the same values and a valuable know-how". "Keralty refers to `caring', because what is most important for us is taking care of our patients, our clients, our employees: taking care of the people. We are a company composed of people who work for people" he added. On the other hand, referring more directly to the project, Anna Lacambra, CEO of Metro Sanitas Corporation and CEO of Keralty Philippines pointed out the objectives that the joint-venture has set in the country and highlighted the elements that differentiate the new clinic.

A health system based on commitment

Like the rest of clinics successfully developed by Keralty in various countries, MetroSanitas Met Live has been designed according to the Keralty health system and the concept of `one stop clinic'. The importance given to critical aspects such as location, quality and accessibility of the service, equipment, technological innovation or investigation constitute the pillars on which the model of the Keralty clinic stands, a model of clinic supported by the professional and human quality of a multidisciplinary team which works according to a health model synthetized in 5P's: personalized, predictive, preventive, participative and permanent. In other words, it is about adopting a preventive attitude regarding the illness instead of a reactive position, making it possible to solve more than 80% of the needs of the patients in the same place.

This way, the Keralty clinics are the materialization of the health system developed by the Keralty group throughout its years of experience in the world of health. Different to other forms of understanding health, the health system of Keralty is known for focusing both in the physical, emotional and animic state of a person, emphasizing prevention and the promotion of health instead of illness. Consequently, the Keralty health system is not limited to identifying health with the absence of illness, but rather thinks of it as a state of well-being which transcends the condition of the individual patient and which also has effects on its closest kin (family, friends, community, society in general). Thanks to all this, Keralty has managed to become a group "producer of health" which is not limited to looking to well-being of patients, but which also seeks to have this benefit the wellbeing of society as a whole. Keralty is constituted thus as a group generator of health committed not only to its patients but to the society in which it is present.

*In the image, from left to right, Mr. Augusto Palisoc, Chairman of Metro Sanitas Corporation and CEO of Metro Pacific Hospitals Holding (MPHHI); Excellency Mr. Luis Calvo, Ambassador of Spain in the Philippines; Mrs Anna Lacambra, CEO of Metro Sanitas Corporation and CEO of Keralty Philippines; Excellency Mr. Victor H. Echeverri J, Ambassador of Colombia in the Philippines; Mr. Raymund E. Liboro, Commissar of the Commission for National Privacy of the Philippines and Mr. Sergio Martínez, president of Metro Sanitas Corporation and CEO Global of Keralty.