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Keralty will open 24 new medical centres in Colombia by 2020

Sanitas Organization changed name to consolidate global presence

Sergio Martínez, global CEO of Keralty
Icono Autor La República |  icono fecha 12 April 2018

The international healthcare organization, Sanitas, announced it will now adopt the name Keralty, with the aim of consolidating its identity in the global market. LR talked to Sergio Martínez, global CEO of Keralty, about what awaits the brand at the end of the year after the change of name, which will not bring major problems in the procedures of national users.

What does the change of name look for?
Our objective is to have greater representativeness for the company in the new markets. The expansion which we are beginning needs tools and one of them is the brand.

How will it work here?
Here it will be a holding brand which will have all services of Sanitas.

Where will it not be a holding?
Mainly in the new countries where we enter.

Which markets are you studying to open?
We are exploring countries of the Asian southeast: we have an office in Indonesia and from there we revise the market in Vietnam. We also study Eastern Europe: we already have a commercial office in Russia and are looking to other countries of this region. By 2020 one or two of these markets must become a real operation with medical centres and users.

What is your operation in national territory?
The quality is still or goal and that is demonstrated in the market. We continue to grow in users and that means we are doing well. EPS Sanitas has 2.166.00 users and the services of pre-paid medicine (Colsanitas, Medisanitas and Colsanitas Dental) have 512.000.

What goal for growth have you set?
There is no fixed goal. The more, the better. Our goal is to continue doing things right and we understand that the consequence will be the arrival of more users.