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Working with a new concept of care

The Keralty Company explains why our health care system must evolve from the traditional biomedical paradigm focused on disease.

Icono Autor Nancy Yomayusa |  icono fecha 13 Diciembre 2018

The Keralty Company explains why our health care system must evolve from the traditional biomedical paradigm focused on disease, to the Co-Creation of Value in Health, Innovation, and compassion salutogenesis as the main transformation axes.

During the last century, research, scientific and technological developments have generated tools to fight life-threatening diseases. However, the world is facing rapid and complex changes that have a material impact on global health. According to Keralty, the health situation in the world has been in crisis because its systems are working more from the disease than from the health and wellness standpoints.

According to the company, this new millennium crisis involves the urgent need to review and rethink models of care and organization of health systems. These must transcend the boundaries of increasingly limited and exhausted health resources to link the potential of the social sector and community, exploring new models of care with an innovative approach, always supported by the best practices derived from knowledge and research as transformation engine. Thus, Keralty aims to contribute humbly with experience and evidence that contribute to generate public policies and realize the mandate of the World Health Organization to include health in all areas of our society.

"In this line we have addressed the SALUTOGENESIS as an axis of revealing thought, a term coined by sociologist Aaron Antonovsky, who considers health not as the absence of disease, but as the capacity through which individuals maintain their sense of coherence; understanding, managing with autonomy and giving meaning to their existence, to face and manage the challenges of life. Thus, we make sense of our Keralty name that represents excellence in care, high standards of quality and comfort, evolution and permanent transformation, to account for the fact that  Keraltygenesis is in the pursuit of efficiency, effectiveness, safety and compassion care, ensuring that people feel healthy, even in the most complex situations, in sickness or disability,

To meet this challenge, Keralty is committed to create an ecosystem of care, an integrated company, offering product assurance, health services and quality formal education system, which coordinated with the social sector and community empowered work that once aligned  produces and achieves the best value in health for the population it serves.

"Our model, legitimate and genuinely focuses on people throughout their lifetime. We have coordinated  services and integrated care that meet the multidimensional needs of people (biological, psychological and social), educating, teaching literacy and empowering the individual, their careers and their community, preserving, improving and maintaining the health and quality of life, "says the company.

The model seeks to ensure effective coordination and integration from the primary care setting as a fundamental element of care to specialized care, functional-social rehabilitation and the community. To achieve the goal it is necessary to ensure leadership and empowerment of human resources: "We are aware that we can only be consistent to the extent that we guarantee compassionate care led by teams that are equally healthy and happy, and for this reason Keralty commits with its people, to ensure a healthy organization, envisioning its colleagues as the most precious capital."

The company says it faces the challenge of consolidating a sustainable ecosystem that gives the best possible benefit for individuals, families and communities to balance health spending, treatment, rehabilitation, disease prevention and health maintenance with high  quality standards and relevant metrics to evaluate outcomes for people and the health system itself.