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With the objective of going into new external markets, the Organización Sanitas Internacional evolves to Keralty

During the last years, the business group of healthcare sector has positioned itself in seven countries. By 2020, it aspires to reach new markets.

Organización Sanitas Internacional evolves to Keralty
Icono Autor Keralty |  icono fecha 20 March 2018

Bogotá, March 20 of 2018. With the aim of having a more attractive and global visual identity, from now on Organización Sanitas Internacional will take the step towards becoming Keralty, a fresher and more dynamic proposal which will allow the business group to expand without restrictions of language or brand.

During the last years, the multinational, which in Colombia was born in 1980 with the pre-paid medicine company Colsanitas, has managed to go into different markets like Brazil, Perú, México, Venezuela, United States and Philippines. The plan is that by 2020, the group will double its number of users and have a presence in three more countries.

"Starting today we will be a single brand throughout the world. We evolve to Keralty to go further each day, being a global network which overcomes the limits and takes us to fly higher in a world of new possibilities. Our new logo represents the closeness, the attention, the care, the finesse and agility of our work" stated Joseba Grajales, president of Keralty.
Old brand New brand
Logo Organizaciòn Sanitas Internacional Logo Keralty
Logo Colsanitas anterior Logo Colsanitas
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The value proposition of the firm is based on a health model which prioritizes the prevention of illness, the personalization of attention, the participation of the user, the prediction of needs of the patients and the permanence of the service. "We will continue taking to other countries all the experience and knowledge learnt in Colombia" added Grajales.

The new visual identity is harmoniously formed by "KER (care)" which represents care and "ALTY" which refers to high standards of quality. The logo is a free representation of the letter "K" and symbolizes the figure of the butterfly, universal symbol of the transformation and evolution in life.

Regarding local brands, of products or health plans, some will be absorbed by the new image, while others will coexist with it, always maintaining the visual identity of Keralty. There will be some particularities in some countries, like Colombia, where the strength of Colsanitas will be maintained.

The change of image will take place gradually in Colombia and will take approximately three years in total. In other countries, the transformation will take place progressively.