We are a business group that provides value in health, conformed by insurance and health services companies and our own hospitals and care network. Also part of Keralty are educational institutions and companies with a social focus that complement the health world we offer to the market.
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    A distinctive health care model that includes a high-performing team of experienced and renowned health professionals, advanced technology and modern facilities, allowing us to reach the highest levels of satisfaction among our patients and obtain recognition from many independent organizations because of the quality of our health care model.
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    It is a product aimed at large populations, based on the strategy of Primary Health Care but focused on the person, supported in a network of medical centers and with all the members of the Health System, to facilitate the access to higher levels of attention in case of being necessary.
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    We have our own university named Unisanitas, at the service of society, in perfect alignment with the vision and strategy of the Group, which constitutes our pillar in knowledge management, an avant-garde observatory in systems, models and practices in health and continuous training for our health professionals.
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    The Sanitas Foundation was created in 1994 as a non-profit entity aimed at contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of the low-income population.
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    From Bienestar Publishing House and its different publications, we offer scientific, medical, cultural, health and wellness information to our users.
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Our Presence

Datos estadísticos

Keralty in the World

Nowadays Keralty is present in 7 countries and has global perspectives of new geographical developments and creation of R + D + I + E in Europe and center of development in oriental markets.

Organización Sanitas Internacional is now Keralty

2018 is a year of new challenges and opportunities to grow, evolve and to reach the unreachable. That is why Organización Sanitas Internacional is now Keralty, a group that expands itself over the world because of our commitment with the well-being of people. As Keralty, we will continue working hard for the well-being of our users around the world, keeping the values that for more than 36 years has given us the chance to provide a quality service.