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Keralty Health Enterprise Acquires Westchester General Hospital

Keralty Health Enterprise Acquires Westchester General Hospital

The acquisition will complement the 59 U.S. Sanitas Medical Centers Keralty designed as part of its strategy to develop a healthcare model and efficient ecosystem, enabling a better end-to-end patient experience journey.

Keralty Health Enterprise Acquires Westchester General Hospital
Icono Autor Editorial Keralty |  icono fecha 29 10 2020

Keralty entered the U.S. market in 2015 through three Sanitas Medical Centers in Miami, featuring advanced primary care, urgent care, specialty care, laboratory and diagnostic imaging. Sanitas currently operates 59 medical centers serving more than 250,000 patients in Florida, Texas, New Jersey and Connecticut, with eight centers opening in Tennessee in December and early 2021. Keralty also moved its global headquarters to Miami in 2019.

The hospital will continue providing emergency services, intensive care, respiratory and physical therapy, cardiology, radiology, laboratory, pharmacy and psychological care, as it transforms into a state-of-the-art destination for the local community. Keralty has plans to re-engineer the hospital and expand behavioral health, advanced palliative care, and complex care for individuals with multi-chronic conditions. This change will encompass the physical environment of the hospital, the patient experience, and the human side¿from doctors and teams supporting care delivery to administrative functions working in a multi-disciplinary and collaborative way.

"Our vision is to reimagine the services provided by the hospital and to coordinate with Sanitas Medical Centers, other healthcare providers, community organizations, and insurance companies, to establish a patient-centered health program supporting the local community and designed to keep patients healthy, rather than treating someone who is sick," Echandia said.

"Our model integrates healthcare services with social and community support as a means to improve quality, lower costs, and ensure high levels of patient and healthcare provider satisfaction," Emilio Herrera, Keralty Global Health President added. "With our partners and the local communities, we're building a healthcare system that is connected, aware and adaptive to patient needs. Our goal is to leverage our decades of learning from markets around the world to help address the challenges presented in the U.S."